Alexander Fedoriouk
...the art of the cimbalom
Alexander Fedoriouk


Things really got cooking when Fedoriouk took hammers to cimbalom. His fiery playing was jaw-droppingly fast, evoking gasps from the audience."
-- PEGGY J. LATKOVICH The Free Times Cleveland, Ohio
"Pure quality from a cimbalom supremo--prepare to be hammered"
"effortless virtuosity...breathtaking"
Dirty Linen
"an inspired set of instrumentals from Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and Ukraine....beautifully rendered and seemingly improvised on the spot" Editors

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CIMBALOM is related to hammer dulcimer, hackbrett, santour, cimbal, cymbalom, cymbalum, ţambal, tsymbaly, tsimbl, santouri, sandouri.

Armenia: santir
Belarus: tsymbaly (цымбалы)
Czech Republic: cimbál (IPA: [ʦɪmbaːl])
France: cymbalum
Georgia: tsintsila
Germany: Zymbal
Greece: sandouri (σαντούρι)
Holland: cimbaal, hakkebord
Hungary: cimbalom
Iran: santur
Klezmer & Jewish music (Yiddish): tsimbl also known as a "hakhbreydl"
Latvia: cimbole
Lithuania: cimbolai
Mongolia: joqin
Poland: cymbały węgierskie
Romania: ţambal (the large cimbalom is called ţambal mare)
Russia: tsymbaly (цимбалы)
Slovakia: cimbal
Slovenia: cimbale
Ukraine: tsymbaly (цимбали)
Uzbek: chang
Vietnam: tam-thap-luk



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